Our Bike Adventure

Our guide for Bike Tour is popular for a reason. It’s 20km so it’s long enough to be an adventure but it’s not just that it’s for your fitness too. And it’s the best way to really the true life of a Tanzanian. This fascinating tour takes you from the colorful town roads to nearby villages, through forest trails and along tiny farmland paths. You’ll get an authentic flavour of this little typically-Tanzanian community nestling in the green and fertile foothills of Kilimanjaro, through first-hand experience of town and agricultural life and history. And you’ll enjoy a cheeky beer, too!

Our Package Includes

  • Bike & helmet
  • Meru Forest fees
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Lunch at a local place
  • 1,5l bottle of water
  • 1 beer of choice at the Old Railway Station

Not Included

  • Personal items
  • Tips for guide
  • Travel insurance


You’ll start the day making friends with your bike; getting it set up so it’s comfy and becoming familiar with the controls. Don’t worry, your friendly guide will help you do all this. And, of course, you’ll get comprehensive advice and instruction on how to negotiate the Tanzanian roads, so that you’re confident and safe when out riding.

You’ll dive right into the bustling daily life of Arusha,  Check out the dizzying array of local crafts and hand-made goods artily arranged at the roadside. From here you’ll pass through the small farms and family houses of the area, taking in the daily activities of schools, mosques and churches as you ride by.

Your journey then takes you through fields of growing portatos, one of Tanzania’s staple foods and you’ve an opportunity of helping out the local field workers. You’ll certainly gain an appreciation of how much hard work goes into a sack of  potatoes! Enjoy the product of your (albeit short) labour with a tasty lunch, hosted by a friendly locals. You’ll enjoy pilau, a traditional rice-based Tanzanian meal.

Once you’ve rested and fuelled-up, it’s time to continue your bike ride through the Forest, a jewel of protected tropical woodland, alive with birdsong and the calls of animals. Keep an eye out for the black-and-white faces of colobus monkeys peering curiously at you as you go by. You won’t be the first to wonder just how fluffy a monkeytail can be.

Once through the shady canopy of the Forest, your last stop is the old railway station. You might feel you’ve stepped back one hundred years to German colonial times; close your eyes and you can still sense the energy and bustle echoing down the century. With a little bit of luck, you’ll have a great view of Mount Meru while sipping a cold beer from the railway station bar, a lovely final stop before your ride back into town where you can finally rest your weary but happy legs.